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Like water is to Earth, Accountant is to Business. Have you hired your Accountant yet ?

Professional Advice

When it comes to Business & Finances,one professional advice can turn the Tables

Affordable Price

Affordability is what sets us out from others. Your Business be of any range, we got you

Expert Advisor

Expertise is where we sell. Promise you to be proud of it

About Us

The Easiest Way to Meet your Accounting Requirements

VirkandCo Services started up in 2015 as Bookkeepers, Accountants & Auditors. We provide wide range of services including Bookkeeping, Accounting, Virtual secretarial/administration services, Auditing, Budgeting, Financial planning, Wealth Management, Financial statements, In House Accountants, Staffing & Sales Advisory. We also work as remote assistants to businesses ranging small to mid-sized at an affordable price. Currently with a clientele across 8 countries & 3 continents, the coverage is ever growing. We strive hard to understand the core concept and needs of our clients & business to provide an overall workable & practical solution. Working as virtual accountants to wide range of businesses, we provide knowledge expertise in Accounting, Bookkeeping Software solutions, Administration & Auditing. Since its foundation in Chandigarh, India in 2015, we have been advising businesses around the world. Today, with offices in Virginia, Dublin, Dubai, Delhi & Chandigarh , we are a leading multi-functional firms in Industry.

Our Vision

Be known for the right Accounting Deliverables & Financial planning within the Finance Industry

Our Mision

No Business old or new shall lag behind due to inaccurate financial or Accounting Decisions

Our Services

What Service We Offer

Accounting & Financial Services, you name it and we have it.

Investment Planning

With Business network spanning over 8 countries & 3 Continents we get you to the right investmet you need

Audit & Assurance

Accounting can get complicated as time goes by,Our Auditors got it covered for you

Business Taxation

Profits are earned hard and Cash Flow’s are maintained even harder. We make sure all this is not taken away by Tax

Accounts Outsourcing

Shall you wish to outsource your Accounting needs or require an In House Accountant, We got you

Payroll & Salary

Paying your people is one big responsibility & keeping the Tally Tedious. We do all the number crunching for you

Loan Management

Businesses survive on Equity & Thrive on Loans. We make sure you are rightly guided about it all


What are Virk&Co Services ?

We provide range of Accounting & Financial Service required by your Business

How is Virk&Co Different from other Accounting Firms ?

Our Team’s Expertise comes with International Market exposure, which is vital for any Business in times of Globalisation

Can we rely on Virk&Co for all our Accounting Needs ?

Absolutely, all you Businesses Accounting needs will well be taken care of by our expert Management Accountants

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